Find your IP address, Internet Connection Diagnostics
Trace Email Messages to the Sender

eMailTrackerPro analyzes email messages, identifies the IP address and geographical location of the sender.

Trace email, email tracer

See our on-line tutorial
on how to trace emails.

See the path of your Internet connection on a world map
Identify connectivity bottlenecks, see where IP addresses and web servers are located.
See traceroute, ping, reverse DNS, IP location info
Try the VisualRoute connection test!

More MyCoolTools
CPUInfo - Verify key CPU specifications on your system such as speed, model number and cache configuration.
WhoAmI provides quick verification of Internet Connectivity Diagnostics on your system, such as your operating system version (OS), TCP/IP status, Local IP, External IP, Gateway, DNS and Web Access. WhoAmI is a 'no install' program, just download WhoAmI.exe and run to see your results. No installation is required.

OS: A description of the level and version of Windows (along with the version of Java) on your computer.

TCP/IP: Should always be 'Installed and working'. If not, contact your network administrator for help reinstalling TCP/IP on your computer.

Local IP: The 'IP Address' that is assigned to your computer locally.

External IP: The 'IP Address' of your computer, as seen by other computers in the Internet. This may be different than your Local IP address if your are behind a NAT (Network Address Translation) device. A NAT device is typically used to allow more than one computer to share a single high-speed Internet connection.

Gateway: The network device your computer uses to access the Internet. For example, this may be a cable or DSL router.

Cable Modem: If present, a diagnostics button will reveal your cable modem diagnostics web page.

DNS Servers: The server(s) your computer uses for DNS (mapping names to ip addresses and vise versa).

DNS: The results of an actual DNS query, to verify that DNS is working for your computer.

Web Access: The results of an actual web page query, to verify that web page access is working for your computer.

See traceroute, ping, reverse DNS, IP location information

Test your Internet Bandwidth Speed

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speed test, connection test

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More Speed Tests
Try these popular downloadable speed test programs for DSL, ASL, cable and other broadband connections:

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MySpeed PC
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